This page serves additional documentation of some of my Github and other source code projects. Most of the packages and code snippets were written in the R programming language for statistical computing.

Github projects

Repository Type Release Author/(Maintainer) Documentation
antibioticR R package alpha tpetzoldt Introduction
growthrates R package CRAN tpetzoldt 01 Introduction, 02 User-defined models
FAmle R package CRAN F.Aucoin / (tpetzoldt) CRAN
FAdist R package CRAN F.Aucoin / (tpetzoldt) CRAN
dynamic-R-models code snippets Github tpetzoldt Github
- chemostat-ODE code snippets - chemostat-ode
- chemostat-IBM code snippets - chemostat-ibm
- forcing functions and events code snippets - deSolve-forcing
- dynamic models in compiled code code snippets - deSolve-compiled
- dynamic models with shiny code snippets - deSolve-shiny
- stoichiometry-matrix ODE models with rodeo code snippets - deSolve-rodeo
R Basics teaching alpha tpetzoldt R Basics (Slides)
growthlab teaching alpha tpetzoldt Blink LED-Strip, Wachstumsversuch

Other repositories

Note: some of my other collaborative R projects are hosted on R-Forge.

R package Author Release Repository More
simecol Petzoldt CRAN R-Forge Homepage
deSolve Soetaert, Petzoldt and Setzer CRAN R-Forge Homepage
FME Soetaert and Petzoldt CRAN R-Forge Docs
marelac Soetaert et al. CRAN R-Forge Docs
qualV van den Boogaart, Rost and Petzoldt CRAN R-Forge Docs
cardidates Rolinski, Sachse and Petzoldt CRAN R-Forge Docs
rLimnoLab Petzoldt et al. alpha R-Forge Homepage

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